Cookies N Cream Drip Cake

Cookies N Cream Drip Cake

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my number one selling cake.  Cookies N Cream cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops are the top seller in my bakery.  Now while I can’t share all my secrets on the blog, I can give you an easy way to recreate a copy cat version at home!

Why Oreo Cake?

Well, I love Oreos.  But I’m a purist.  I only like the chocolate wafer with the vanilla cream filling.  That’s my personal preference.  I don’t dunk them in milk either!  I have issues with soggy food (unless it’s Golden Grahams). Don’t judge me!

The first video I posted that has over a thousand views on youtube was a red velvet oreo cake.  Like this thing ridiculous!  When I teach students how to add filling to cakes I typically opt for something with a crunch.  Nuts (pistachios most of the time) or cookies (Oreos).  When the red velvet Oreos were brand new I decided to mix things up and mix the flavors of cake with the Oreo flavors.  SICKENING I tell ya!  

What kind of cake?

Okay here is where you can be creative.  You can use any vanilla cake recipe you would like.  Seriously.  If you want to add some texture to the cake you can either chop up Oreos and fold them into the batter right before pouring in the pans or you can add Oreo pudding to the cake batter or do both!   I don’t recommend using the entire box of pudding depending on your vanilla cake recipes.  Adding the pudding will enhance your flavor but it could also make your batter really thick.

If using cake mix add about 1/3-1/2 of the box to your batter.  If it looks a bit thick add in a tiny bit of water to loosen it up some.  You want the batter to pour nicely into the pans.

Talk to me about frosting

Now, this is a personal preference.  If you are someone that loves the way commercial chain frostings taste you want to use an American buttercream.  If you prefer a less sweet frosting go with a Swiss Meringue.  If you fall somewhere in the middle; you love cake and frosting but not one that too sweet, then go with my favorite frosting ever, The American Meringue buttercream.

What is this drip situation?

The “drip” on Drip Cakes is typically just white chocolate. or ganache.  The easiest thing I’ve found for a drip cake is to melt Wilton candy melts in the microwave.  You could do it over a double boiler but seriously who has time for that these days?  Nuke it on a low power setting in 30-sec increments, stirring in between. 

Once it’s all been melted, I add paramount crystals to thin the chocolate out.  You could use vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate but I’ve found paramount crystals are perfect for this project.  Using the candy melts allows you to do colored drips without having to color white chocolate yourself.

Check out the video below to see my most recent drip cake process.  Leave me a comment and let me know if you are successful with re-creating this beauty!

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