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Online Boot Camp for Small Business Owners

Grow your business with online marketing

This boot camp is designed to help you put your best foot forward in the world of  marketing. All of the techniques discussed in this course are used by Fortune 500 companies. Small business on small budgets can grow their audiences exponentially with the right set of marketing tools that this class will equip you with.

Learning for all experience levels

This course is designed to help people with no experience in online marketing, as well as technologically savvy individuals that want a stronger online marketing presence. Online marketing is more than being on Facebook on Instagram. It is the collect symphony of multiple online marketing communication techniques coming together to create a harmonious sound. This sound will eventually equal money in your bank account.

Marketing beyond Facebook & Instagram

The key to a successful marketing plan is having a foundation for both online and offline marketing. What happens if your social media gets hacked and you lose all your content and your audience? Join me as I walk you through the 4Ps of marketing, creating a marketing plan, developing a business strategy, outlining a social media plan and critiquing your business with a SWOT analysis.

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Marketing 101

Course Content

  • Intro to Marketing

  • Target Market

  • Business Strategy

  • Online Customer Experience

  • SWOT Analysis

Turn insight into action.


Read what former students are saying about Marketing 101.

Before I took this class, I didn't realize how important it was to have a business plan, let alone know how to write one. After taking this class, my design business has more structure and a clear plan to make money.

  • Melissa G.

    Web & Graphic Design

This class showed me several reasons why my business wasn't growing. I gave so much attention to social media that I neglected the other ways to market my business. I'm happy that I found this class.

  • Michael R.

    Travel Agent & Realtor

The Marketing 101 course was absolutely informative and beneficial for the progression of my business. There was an abundant amount of content regarding multiple areas of marketing. The instructor's personal examples from her own business provided the relatability and confidence I needed to apply the best practices in marketing to my own business.

  • Shaniqua D.

    Children's Fashion

The thing I love the most was the convenience of the class. I was able to complete the majority of this class on-the-go by listening in my car, which was a win-win as a business owner on the move. I would highly recommend this class and future classes from Chef KimiHou. She really knows her stuff and doesn't hold back when sharing her experiences and knowledge.

  • Ryan K.


Gain industry knowledge from a markting expert.