Don’t rush the process

Don’t rush the process

All morning I’ve been in my kitchen trying to tweak my go-to sugar cookie recipe to speed up the process.  Like, in real life it takes forever for this foolproof dough to be ready.  It has to sit in the fridge for 2 hours, then be rolled out and cut into shapes.  Then it goes in the freezer for 4-6 hours before baking for a measly 10-12 minutes.  All that prep work.  All that waiting and sitting and more waiting then freezing before being thrown into the heat for only 10-12 mins.  I learned some very valuable lessons trying to change this recipe this morning.

Lesson One

I’ve used this recipe for years.  Like for the past six years, my cookie dough recipe has not changed.  I may alter the flavorings with the vanilla price spike but nothing about the composition of this recipe has changed during the entire time I’ve been in business.  

Another blogger posted a no chill vanilla cookie recipe and I was dying to try it.  People were raving about how good it is and they are right is delicious.  But it isn’t MY go-to recipe.  It has a different crumb.  The bite isn’t as tender.  Call me crazy but it tastes rushed.

Lesson number one: Don’t alter your course because somebody else tries something different.

Lesson Two

The cookies baked beautifully.  They were a nice golden color and held their shape superbly well.  These cookies are sturdy enough for me to use them as demo cookies and display cookies or even practice cookies for new techniques.  But they are not of a high enough quality for me to pass them on to my clients.

Lesson number two: Understand that while we go off track sometimes, God will reveal ways to turn your mistakes into something valuable.

Lesson Three

By using a no chill cookie recipe I cut out 6-10 hours of a normal rest and maturing phase for my regular cookie dough.  Here’s the reality, we live in a microwave society.  Everybody wants things right now.  I want to nuke it done.  Gone are the days of slaving over a hot stove to give our families the very best of what we have to offer.  This translates in the business world also.  New entrepreneurs are super eager to grow large followings online and miss the maturation process necessary to produce fruit that will multiply.

My cookie dough takes forever, but I have never once received a complaint and it’s sustained my business for years past and years to come.

Lesson Three: Don’t skip the process, it’s necessary for the harvest.


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