How to decorate Frozen 2 themed cookies

How to decorate Frozen 2 themed cookies

Disney’s Frozen 2 hit the theatres this weekend and the kids are in a frenzy.  What’s next in the adventure for Queen Elsa and Princess Anna?  And what happened to my friend Olaf?  We’ve got tons of questions about the future of Arendale and while Let It Go has been stuck in all of our heads for the past few years, I decided it might be fun to do some Frozen 2 themed cookies!

Prepping the cookies

For this order, I went with my favorite sugar recipe.  Yes I know it takes forever to make these cookies, but its a foolproof plan that yields the most delicious cookies ever!  You can grab my classic cookie recipe here,

Prepping the icing

For sugar cookies, you can either use a Glaze or you can use my royal icing recipe.  Honestly, for these cookies, either will work unless we are doing the dresses which require a much stiffer icing.

Frozen 2 themed cookies

Designing the Cookies

While my client picked her designs, as an artist it’s still my responsibility to make sure the reference picture actually aligns with what they requested.  I soon discovered the cookies on the reference picture were two different versions of Anna’s dress vs an Anna and Elsa dress.  On a whim, I was able to flip the cookies by adding sprinkles for embellishment!


frozen 2 cookies

Demystifying the dress cookies

Sometimes as cookie artists we like to do an “inspired by” type of cookie.  That’s what I would call the dress-heart cookies.  We used a heart vs an actual dress cookie cutter.  Understanding that the end result was supposed to be a two-toned dress, I needed to flood one area and let it dry completely before painting it gold.  Once that dries I was able to fill in the bottom of the cookie as the dress.

how to make two toned dress cookies

Pulling the designs altogether

I knew the airbrush would be essential to my success with this order of cookies.  If you don’t have an airbrush machine you can certainly color each different color of icing.  To save time and to give a more polished finish, I used my airbrush machine.

Check out this video to see how I pulled it all together!


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