How to Make Garden Themed Cupcakes

How to Make Garden Themed Cupcakes

It’s been raining in Georgia non-stop for the past few days and finally, we have a bit of sunshine!  I headed over to the studio of Creative Living with Lynn Lilly and decided to brighten up everyone’s day with some garden themed cupcakes!

Like how adorable are these cupcakes?  This really isn’t a hard thing to do.  You’ll need a few decorating materials: 

Piping Bags

Tip 1M or 2d

Tip 21


So here is the deal with these cupcakes yall.  You can totally use a box cake mix to make these quick, fast and in a hurry!  Or you can pull out your grandmother’s favorite cake recipe.  Either one works.  It’s not a big deal!  If you need a basic starter recipe, roll with this vanilla cupcake and buttercream recipe.

This focuses on the actual process of decorating!  Are you ready?  Let’s goooooooooooo.

First things first: Time for Prep

So as previously mentioned we need to have a few piping bags, tips, couplers, scissors, gel colors, bowls, and spoons.  Just a note: If doing this with kids they will love multiple colors, limit them to 3 flower colors and then always do green for grass and or petals when creating a garden-themed set!


So I love, love, love to make my own buttercream.  I can control the level of sweetness and honestly it’s just far more fluffy if you make it yourself!  For cupcakes, most people would be used to a sweeter icing than I like to do on cakes, but you can do either the American Crusting buttercream or American Meringue Buttercream.



To see the segment on Creative Living with Lynn Lilly check out the video below!

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