Kimihou goes culinary

Kimihou goes culinary

As our Nation faces this grim time of uncertainty I realized that a lot of people are in panic mode.  Now while I want us to be very zen and calm I know that isn’t a lot of people’s realities.  

One thing I do know for sure is that we will all make it one way or another.  I’ve been a homeschool mom for the past five years, so I’m very used to having my kids at while being an entrepreneur.  Want to know how to did it?  Grab this quick ebook (workbook) that helps you get your goals aligned and in order.

Chef Kimihou's ebook The New Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Their Vision Road Map

Ok now back to why you picked to read this post, I’m going let you in on a little secret.  One of the things that brings me serious joy is feeding people.  From my easy back oven to my gas stove, I have always loved to feed people.  I enjoy creating recipes (culinary and baking wise) and I’m really excited to share some quick MOM and KID approved recipes with you in the coming weeks as we all fight this Corona Virus.

What you can expect

Me to give you recipes I’m actually cooking for my family at the moment.  This is not some ploy to sell you a bunch of stuff, at the moment I only have 2 books lol.  Maybe I’ll do a third during this mandatory downtime.

You can expect me to post a video to go along with the blog.  I understand people need to see, hear and smell these in various aspects, so while they haven’t created smell o vision tv, I got you on some great photos and videos.

What you shouldn’t expect:

Me dropping videos daily.  Here is a harsh reality, we have no idea how long we will be on social distancing and I need to preserve food in my home just like you do.  With that being said, we will drop more videos in the coming weeks on my youtube channel, than ever before but we aren’t dropping them at the same time on the same day.  This is real life and I want my audience to experience it with us.

Will I still do decorating videos?

ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.  I love decorating and if you follow me just for the decorating videos, no worries, just hit the decorating videos tab to get to where you need to go on my youtube channel.  I will beef up the content on youtube and IG stories for you to be able to save it and do the recipes at home.

Also, if you’re into making cookies you or your family can decorate you will want to download my latest e-book!

Seriously Sweet by Chef Kimihou

How do we talk to you?

Well, good question.  I’m all over social media and I will continue to be.  You can also join my Facebook Group BAKE WITH ME and chat with me there.  We will have live bake a longs and videos and chats to answer all your questions!


Check out my latest video on Youtube where I tell you about the new content coming and how to get your pantry Coronavirus ready!

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