Live on Life with Lynn Lilly-Edible Cookie Art

Live on Life with Lynn Lilly-Edible Cookie Art

As a super busy mom and overly creative Aunt, I’m constantly looking for ways to engage my seven-year-old nieces when they come over, especially when it comes to cookie art.  Slime and Littlest Pet Shop dolls are high on their fun time at my house.  However, Kayleigh and Ari have proclaimed they will be pastry chefs like Auntie Kim, but until then I’ve decided to experiment with fun edible treats for them.  

Edible Cookie Art

So here’s the idea!  I absolutely love to color.  Like seriously.  I loveeeeee to color! Every time I make a trip to the Dollar Tree or Micheals, I purchase a coloring book.  I love the smell of a new box of crayons.  Yup, I’m a super big kid that loves to be colorful.  I color with the girls all the time.  I believe that kids should have coloring books, markers and crayons…..and then the lightbulb went off!  COLORING on cookies!


You can use my royal icing recipe and follow the steps here to making it “dipping” consistency.  If you don’t want to make your own royal icing you can purchase premade icing from Walmart or pretty much any craft store.  

cookie decorating with kids

You’ll need COOKIES!  I’ve got several different types of cookies here on the website.  My favorite, of course, is my classic sugar cookie recipe.  If you are feeling adventurous you can spice things up with these other flavors!  Just be sure to use a “cut out” recipe and you’re good to go!

cut out sugar cookies on platter

Lastly, we need some edible markers for the kiddos to create their masterpieces!  Wilton has a set of colorful writers that are perfect for this project!

edible markers


If you caught me today’s episode of the Craft box girls show you saw me create a watercolor design using candy!  Grab a bag of your favorite candies, a paintbrush, and some water! 


Edible Cookie Art

Edible Cookie Art


  • Cookies, Edible Markers, Cookie Icing or Royal Icing


  1. Bake the cookies according to instructions.
  2. Allow to cool for 10 mins on baking sheet.
  3. Carefully flip the cookies over; exposing the bottoms and allow them to finish cooling upside for at least 20 mins.
  4. Prepare royal icing to "dipping" consistency or empty a bottle of premade cookie icing into a bowl to use for dipping.
  5. Icing should be thick enough to coat the cookie but not thick enough to break the cookie.
  6. Dip the fully cooled cookies into icing and allow to dry for several hours. Cookies should be dry to touch before using markers.
  7. Once cookies are dry you can begin to color them!

You can use food-grade stencils and "airbrush" on a design using Wilton Color Sprays. Give the kids a few fruit-flavored candies, paintbrushes and a tiny bit of water to color in the pictures.

Additional Ideas

color mist spray

You can use food-grade stencils and “airbrush” on a design using Wilton Color Mist Sprays. The Dollar Tree has some really fun designs, Micheals and Hobby Lobby also have stencils that won’t stick to your cookies! Give the kids a few fruit-flavored candies, paintbrushes and a tiny bit of water to color in the pictures.

These cookies can be used as gifts for Grandparent’s Day coming up in September, birthdays, holidays or any occasion!  

Check out footage from today’s below!  I’m the very first guest but it was a super fun show so check out the whole thing!

#LIVE Life with Lynn Lilly

On today's show we decorated cookies, made 3 fall crafts, shared an awesome Halloween collection and had a great mom talk!!!

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