Mom’s amazing hot chocolate

Mom’s amazing hot chocolate

My mother is seriously the biggest Christmas person I know.  Like for reals.  Aside from a love of Christmas she also passed on a love for some amazing hot chocolate.  I’m one of those people that waits and waits for the special hot chocolates to hit the shelves so I can buy up the entire white chocolate (hot chocolate) mixes.  Until recently.

Mom's amazing hot chocolate on Chef Kimihou

Ingredient List

Now please understand as a Pastry Chef I enjoy very rich desserts and I take my hot drinks the same way.  Like I’m a Grande Blonde White Chocolate drinker at Starbucks.  Creamy.  Delicious.  Satisfying.  My at-home slow cooker hot chocolate is the same way.  For this recipe we used 1.5 cups of heavy whipping cream  One 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, plus six cups of whole milk.  Two teaspoons of vanilla and 2 full cups of milk chocolate chips!

The process

Making this amazing hot chocolate is going to go beyond just using a packet of cocoa and adding water or milk.  No sir!  Not around here.  We are making hot chocolate from actual morsels of chocolate chips.  Add the milk chocolate chips (or chop up baking chocolate sticks) and add to a bowl.  Then heat the heavy cream and milk on the stove.  Once heated (comes to a slight bowl) add the vanilla and stir.  Immediately remove from heat.  Pour hot liquid over the chocolate and allow to sit for 5 min.  Using a wire whisk, whisk the melted chocolate until smooth!!!!

Return to the pot to keep warm or serve immediately.

Slowcooker Instructions

Add the milk, heavy cream vanilla and chocolate chips to a slow cooker.  Stir together.  Cover and cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with a whisk, until the mixture is hot and all the chocolate has melted.

Once the chocolate has melted switch the slow cooker to warm and stir before serving.

hot chocolate

Garnish with whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed peppermint, candy canes or chocolate chips.  And if you really want to be festive add a few drops of red food coloring gel to make it Red Velvet Hot Chocolate!

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