Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Monster Treats

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Monster Treats

Chef Kimberly at Young Chefs Academy Atlanta-Midtown

I recently became an instructor at a children’s cooking school and I’ve been trying to think of fun and exciting kid-themed Halloween monster treats.  I was doing my weekly shopping trip and came across some miniature rice crispy treats at Aldi.  Of course, you can always make them yourself but I’m all about one less step! 

The ingredients

This isn’t a very long ingredient list.  You will need the following:

Candy Melts or Almond Bark: candy melts come in colors that are great for this project but almond bark melts a little silkier.  So if you decided to use candy melts be sure to have some paramount crystals on hand or some vegetable oil.  

The Process

  • Melt the chocolate (don’t forget the thinner; ie paramount crystals or vegetable oil)
  • Dip the stick into the chocolate.
  • Immediately add the stick to the bottom of the crispy rice square.
  • For best results, allow them to sit for 2-3 mins before dipping into the melted chocolate.
  • Dip the crispy rice treat into the melted chocolate.
  • Add sprinkles and candy eyes.
  • Allow to cool and set on a silicon mat or parchment paper.
  • Let dry for 15-20 mins or until fully set.
  • Your monster treats are now ready.
  • Display, Serve & ENJOY!


 monster treats

monster treats on chefkimihou

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.  We had a blast creating it on the show.  It’s super easy and lots of fun.  Your kids of all ages will love them!  My 14 and 17-year-old absolutely devoured these treats!

Thanks for crafting with me!  Catch ya later!



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