Royal Icing Consistency Guide

Royal Icing Consistency Guide

Royal Icing Consistency is a HUGE deal in the land of cookie decorating.  We’ve all seen the cookies that are less than perfect.  I’ve been to stores and purchased cookies that were rock hard and not worth the money.  The same way the icing on the cake is a THING, the icing on the cookie is an even bigger THING!


The number one question I’m asked in class is how do you know how thick the icing should be?  

First, you have to take into account the design you are going for. 

Is this a wet on wet flood?

Are you flooding the entire cookie and doing details including a royal icing transfer?

elephant baby shower cookies

Are you doing something that requires texture or the use of fondant for accents?

baby shower set by Chef Kimihou


Royal Icing Consistency Guide

Royal Icing Consistency Guide


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This guide will give you some rules of thumb to remember when making your royal icings:

Thin is used for flooding, or wet on wet designs

This 10-second icing is for flooding larger areas with a smooth icing. This cookie will need to be outlined with a thick icing before using this method.


Medium is used if you prefer to only use one icing for most of your designs (outline & flood)

This is sometimes referred too as “puffy” icing in the cookie world. It is a 15-17 count icing that is wonderful for filling a cookie with the same consistency of icing (outline & flood).

Thick is used for outlining, lettering and details

This outlining or piping icing is a 25 second count icing. It can be used to outline your entire cookie or sections of a cookie. It’s the best choice for lettering and small details (so they don’t fall flat).

Extra Thick is used for major details

Extra thick icing is used for details on ruffles on a tutu. This icing will dry rock hard if corn syrup is not added to it.  

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