Summer hiatus has ended!

Summer hiatus has ended!

This summer has been a doozie!  I’ve been to Vegas with my daughter, Texas by myself and took both kids to New York on an end of the summer road trip just last week!  Needless to say, the summer months have kept me busy and away from the blog.  Because of this, I’ve decided to dare to be different!

Revamping underway

In the coming weeks, you will begin to learn a little more about me as a mom, wife, and chef.  The recipes will be plentiful, the classes will start back up for both adults and kids and yes I’ll add more content on “how to” create different cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

The 5 F’s + E

This blog will now focus on food, faith, family, finances,  fitness, and Entrepreneurship!

Food: As a certified pastry I will continue to create delicious desserts and share them in this space, but I’ll start branching out a little more and covering some culinary options as well.

Faith: I promise not to get overly religious but I’ve got a few faith-based posts up my sleeve that are more motivational than anything else.

Family:  My family is what makes me….me!  My kids are hilarious teenagers and as we enter Senior year their interactions with me are changing and I would love share to some of it on the blog.

Finances:  I’m an entrepreneur.  I’m often asked how I juggle what I do and how do I support my family.  I’ll start sharing more about my entrepreneurial journey which will include some wealth building tips for my audience. 

Fitness:  Lastly, fitness.  There are a few reasons I want to focus a little on fitness.  The saying “never trust a skinny chef” is hilarious but also deadly.  As I begin to introduce culinary cuisine to the blog it’s my hope it will flow into a healthier lifestyle for this Pastry Chef! 

Entrepreneurship: Being an entrepreneur is more than having a great idea.  It’s about strategy, business tools, and tips and practical advice.  I’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly of this journey.

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