Winter Wonderland Cake Pops

Winter Wonderland Cake Pops

Last Christmas the kids and I did several Facebook Lives.  One of the most popular was the Winter Wonderland Cake Pops tutorial.  For this, you can use any prebaked cake you would like.  As a word of warning a darker color cake may require more than one dip in the candy coating for maximum presentation.

Step One

You need to decide what kind of cake flavor you want on the inside of the cake pop.  Everyone’s favorite is vanilla.  You can easily grab a boxed cake mix for under $2.00 at your local grocery store.  If you’d rather make the cakes from scratch you can try out my favorite vanilla cake recipe here; I would definitely leave the lemon curd out.  If you’d like to really spread the holiday cheer may I suggest my Eggnog Pound Cake Recipe?  Feeling fruity?  Try out my Strawberry Margarita cake recipe.  

Honestly, I would probably split this into a two-day process, but you can do it all in one day.  I do!  Alright, so the next step is to let the cakes cool inside their pans.  For at least an hour.  If you are fortunate enough to have a food processor this next step will be super easy.  I have the 14 cup Cuisine Art Food Processor it works wonders if you are doing cake pops on a continuous basis.  

Step Two

Throw all of the cake…..all of it once it’s cooled into the food processor.  You will pulse it a few times to get it going, then switch over to doing it on medium speed.  If you need to flip it up to high do so.  We want the cake to break up, turn into crumbs and then into a dough.  This critical step allows us to SKIP adding frosting to the cake pop making it mushy!  You would then use a cookie scoop for evenly rolled balls (do note a cookie scoop is smaller than an ice cream scooper). Size matters guys!  I typically go with the smaller scooper because they are a quick bite!

comparison of cookie scoops

Step 3

We have to make a decision on how this cake pops are going to be presented.  You can stand them with fancy sticks, they can look like a lollipop or you can ditch the stick altogether.  Making them look like a lollipop is harder then you think and we will do that in a different DIY post.

For this one, we will keep it simple.  Roll your pops and set them on a baking sheet with parchment paper.  The bottom will indeed become flat and that’s okay.  We want them to be.  If you must have a rounded bottom may I recommend using a silicone holder?

Step 4

My go-to candy coating is Almond Bark!  It’s no almond in it and honestly, I’m not sure why they call it that….it’s just candy coating you can pick up from Aldi or Walmart.  Walmart does also carry candy coating those melt pretty great too.  Wilton Candy Melts are a bit of a chore.  You will need to thin them out once you melt them for a successful cake pop run.  You can use vegetable oil or paramount crystals to thin them but seriously just roll with the almond bark!

Melt it down:

Option 1: Double boiler (Put candy coating inside of a bowl over a boiling pot of water). 

Option 2: Wilton’s Candy Melt System (I have two of these and it’s honestly the easiest option when working in the kitchen with kids)

Option 3: Microwave the chocolate in 30-second intervals until fully melted, stirring between each.

 Step Five

Let’s get to dipping!  You will take your stick of choice and dip into the melted chocolate.  Then place the stick into the cake pop.  Some people like freeze their cake pops at this point… I don’t.  If I’m working on a lot of them at one time I will chill them in the fridge for 5-10 mins prior to dipping them and then I immediately dip the whole thing.  When you dip the stick then freeze the pops and then wait to dip the whole thing you will have a defined ring around the top.

As a personal preference, I dont care for it so I dont chill them between dipping.  If using a red velvet or chocolate cake you may have to dip the pops twice to completely cover them.  

Be sure to let them cool completely before consuming.  It should take no more than 15-20 mins.  If you put them on wax or parchment paper to dry once they left off the paper with ease they are ready to eat!

Making these winter wonderland cake pops were super fun and the kids will LOVE them.  

Check out my facebook live below where we do this step by step.


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